Transactions in management

On September 13 2022, Martin Knutson, CTO and member of Kjell Group’s management, sold 54 865 shares in the company. The shares were acquired in 2014 through a share program. The intention of the sale of shares is to finance an acquisition of new shares within Kjell Group’s Performance Share Program 2022, which the Annual General Meeting on May 19 2022 resolved to introduce, and a personal residential purchase.

The program includes a maximum of 27 senior executives and employees within the Kjell Group. Participants are granted performance-based share rights which, after a vesting period of three years, entitle them to performance shares in the company at a certain value. To participate in the program, the participant must acquire shares in the company at a certain value, depending on the respective participants’ seniority within the organization, and the allotment of performance shares requires that the performance criterion is met.

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