Kjell & Company and Eways take on the market for accessories for electric cars

Kjell & Company, which is part of Kjell Group, has signed an agreement with Eways to provide turnkey charging stations for electric cars in Sweden. Through the agreement, Kjell & Company strengthens its position in the fast-growing consumer market for charging accessories for electric cars.

“Kjell & Company's ambition is to be at the forefront of sustainable technology in retail and create availability in the market for environmentally friendly solutions and products. Through our collaboration with Eways, we are taking another big step in this direction", comments Andreas Rylander, President and CEO, Kjell Group.

Kjell & Company is rapidly expanding its range of solutions and accessories for rechargeable vehicles. However, the market is complex and requires expertise that Kjell & Company offers its customers.

“Choosing the right electric car charger and the functions connected to these can be complex. Kjell & Company with its 107 stores in Sweden together with the digital customer meeting "Live meeting with Kjell" creates a unique opportunity to get personal service and consultation wherever in the country you are, "says Adam Bosshammar, Head of Services, Kjell & Company.

“It is urgent to electrify Sweden's vehicle fleet and then it is important that it is easy and economical to buy a charging station and have it installed in the home. The collaboration with Kjell & Company will make it easier for private customers to buy a suitable solution for their home", says Robert Hägg, Sales Manager Eways

Kjell & Company is part of the Kjell Group, which offers the market's most complete product range in electronic accessories, including consulting and installation. The business is conducted online in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and via 130 service points, of which 107 in Sweden and 23 in Norway.

Through Kjell & Company's customer club, with over 2.4 million members and wholly owned Danish AV-Cables, the company has a unique understanding of people's technology needs, and the Group's approximately 1,200 employees work every day to improve people's lives through technology.

For more information, please contact:
Andreas Rylander, President and CEO, Kjell & Company
Phone: +46 (0)73 5181 001
Email: andreas.rylander@kjell.com

Adam Bosshammar, Head of Services
Phone: +46 (0)73 5180 093
Email: adam.bosshammar@kjell.com

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